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A San Clemente Engagement

There are certain people in this world that you meet and automatically like.  They give off such a warm, caring vibe and you can’t help but smile when you’re talking to them.  Dolly is one of those people.  It makes perfect sense that she’s a physical therapist.  I actually met Dolly while my Grandma was in the hospital recovering from her heart surgery.  It was a really difficult time for my family and knowing Dolly was there to help ease my Grandma’s pain really made a big difference for us.

A few months ago Dolly and her fiancé, Jerry, contacted me about photographing their wedding.  To be able to give back to someone who gave so much of herself to my family is an incredible opportunity.  It’s amazing how things work out.Dolly and Jerry met at their church in Riverside, CA.  Watching them interact with each other you can feel the love pouring out of them.  They’re so affectionate and playful you would think they were still in high school.  Since San Clemente Pier is one of their favorite places to spend time together, we agreed to head down to the beach for their Engagement Photo Shoot.    San Clemente is such a beautiful location and the sunset was AMAZING!  You would never had guessed it rained most of the week.I had so much fun hanging out with Dolly and Jerry and I can not wait for their wedding next month in Costa Mesa!