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Andrea & Danny ~ Long Beach Engagement

I have a confession to make. 

All 4 years of high school I was a band geek.  Yup, I played clarinet, went to Band Camp (not as cool as the movies make it look) and marched in field shows instead of going to the Homecoming Dance every year.  It wasn’t all bad.  I got to travel, learn about different kinds of music and made a lot friends that I wouldn’t have gotten to know otherwise.  When a fellow band geek, Danny, contacted me about wedding photography, I was so excited!  I hadn’t talked to him since high school, but I remembered him being one of those guys who was super nice, kinda quiet yet hilarious.  I knew if his fiancée was half as nice as he was, they were going to be an amazing couple to work with.Andrea & Danny chose Shoreline Village in Long Beach for their Engagement Photo Shoot and they couldn’t have picked a better place!  When Andrea & Danny first started dating, Andrea lived in Long Beach so they would walk around Shoreline Village getting to know each other.  There were so many great spots to photograph them and I love when a bride and groom pick a location that is meaningful to their relationship.  I could have photographed there all day.

Of course it helped that Andrea & Danny are adorable together!  Andrea has the most beautiful smile and the way Danny makes her eyes light up every time she looks at him makes everyone around them smile too.

We found one of those cut-out photo ops that I just couldn’t pass up.

After walking around for a little bit, we headed down to the dock.  I didn’t realize it would move so much!  As the wind picked up the dock swayed up and down more and more.  You would never guess it from the pictures though.  Andrea and Danny were in full model mode by then.

What Seaside Engagement Photo Shoot would be complete without a beautiful sunset?

Andrea & Danny, thank you for allowing me to be your photographer for such an important day of your life.  I can’t wait for your wedding!