Seal Beach Portrait Photography ~ Sunday

Seal Beach is such a cute beach town.

It’s so close to where I live in Huntington Beach and yet it’s completely different.  On a beautiful, California winter morning, Sunday and I met down by the water for a fun portrait session.

Seal Beach PhotographerSeal Beach Photography

Sunday loves hats so she brought a couple to pose with.  She was looking for some fun, relaxed headshots that she could use on social media.Photographer in Seal Beach

Sunday, I had a blast walking around downtown Seal Beach with you.  Your happiness radiates out of your eyes and you were so much fun to photograph!

Newborn Photography ~ Everett

Newborn Photography should be a relaxed, intimate experience.

After you’ve gone through labor and all the excitement of bringing your baby into the world, the last thing you want to do travel with your baby to a photography studio. Being able to have pictures taken in the comfort of your own home helps everyone relax and enjoy the moment.

In January, one of my favorite bridesmaids had her little baby boy, Everett.  I packed up my camera and headed north towards San Francisco for an awesome road trip and to meet her beautiful baby.

In home newborn photographerNewborn picturesOrange County Newborn Photographer

When I arrived at Casey & Alex’s home, we made sure their bedroom was nice and warm so little Everett wouldn’t mind posing for us.Huntington Beach Newborn Photography

Casey is a huge Chicago Cubs fan and Alex loves the San Francisco Giants so of course we took a lot of baseball pictures.Newborn Photographer in Huntington Beach, California

Here’s a little behind-the-scenes photo of Casey making sure Everett is safe and staring at her handsome little boy.Behind the scenes newborn photography

While Casey and Everett took a feeding break, I photographed some of the adorable details in their blue and gray nursery.Baby boy nursery

Newborn with momEverett has a big sister named, Wrigley.  She had only been around him for a few days so she wasn’t sure what she thought of him yet.

They’re best friends now.Newborn pictures with dogNewborn pictures

It was finally time for Alex to have a few moments with his son.Baby with Dad PictureBaby pictures

We spent about 2 hours playing with Everett and laughing at his facial expressions.  It was nice to be able to take our time and take breaks as needed.

By the end of the session Wrigley was quite the model.
Family photographer in Orange County

Congratulations Casey, Alex & Wrigley on the beautiful new addition to your family.  Everett is surrounded by so much love and it was a joy to photograph him.

Cathy Geisbauer - May 6, 2015 - 6:03 pm

Kimberly, I know you had gorgeous “models” to work with….. But, these pictures are unbelievable !!!! So happy the Elmquists had you do their photo shoot

Kimberly - May 7, 2015 - 11:23 am

Thank you Cathy!

ABC OC ~ Mesa Verde Country Club

Mesa Verde Country Club is a beautiful wedding venue in Costa Mesa.

In January, the Association of Bridal Consultants Orange County had their monthly networking mixer at the Mesa Verde Country Club and I was honored to be a sponsoring vendor.  Table7 Events, who I absolutely adore, was in charge of coordination and she put together a fabulous team of vendors to kick off the new year with.

Association of Bridal Consultants Orange CountyAssociation of Bridal Consultants Orange CountyAssociation of Bridal Consultants Orange County

The linens, flowers and stationary all featured Pantone’s color of the year, Marsala.

Association of Bridal Consultants Orange CountyAssociation of Bridal Consultants Orange CountyAssociation of Bridal Consultants Orange County

This was my first time working with Andy Nation and he is such a nice guy!  He did a great job of keeping the speed dating style networking moving along.

Association of Bridal Consultants Orange CountyAssociation of Bridal Consultants Orange CountyAssociation of Bridal Consultants Orange CountyAssociation of Bridal Consultants Orange County

Thank you to Stephanie of Table7 Events for choosing me as the photographer to feature at her event.  It was lovely meeting other people who are passionate about helping couples have the wedding of their dreams.

Venue: Mesa Verde Country Club
Coordination: Table7 Events
Photography: Kimberly April Photography
Linens: Luxe Linen
Flowers: Flower Fusion
Stationary: AmpersandInk Designs
Video: Perryfield Films
Entertainment: Andy Nation Productions


Styles of Wedding Photography

There are 3 main styles of wedding photography; Editorial, Photojournalism and Traditional.

When you’re looking for a wedding photographer it’s hard to know what questions to ask.  You’re not a wedding photographer yourself and you don’t attend a wedding every weekend (although sometimes it can feel like it).  Many couples go to a website like The Knot and rely on their hand dandy list of suggested questions.  The list can help, but still be confusing.

Here’s an example:

Q. What style of wedding photography do you offer?

A. I do a blend of Photojournalism, Editorial and Traditional.

Huh?  What does that even mean?  Here’s an explanation of the 3 main styles of wedding photography so when a photographer tells you they ONLY offer photojournalism or specialize in editorial, you will understand what they are talking about and know what additional questions to ask.

Editorial Style of Wedding Photography

1. Editorial aka Fashion Inspired or Styled

Editorial style of wedding photography is what you see in wedding magazines and on most wedding blogs.  The couple is posed, but may look like they just happened to be having a great time together hanging out in the middle of a field.  Search “wedding pictures” on Pinterest and you’ll know what I’m talking about.  If you love blogs like Style Me Pretty and want every little detail of the day photographed like it belongs in a magazine, Editorial is what you’re looking for.  I personally blend this style with Photojournalism when photographing the couple getting ready.  I also use it during the couple’s portraits and while photographing the reception details.

Additional questions to ask: Will you bring a second photographer?  How long do you need for portraits?  Do you require us to see each other before the ceremony?

Things to consider: While Editorial style wedding pictures are gorgeous, they also take more time.  If you do not want to schedule time just for pictures during your wedding day, this style may not work for you.  Also, make sure there will be 2 photographers so while one photographer is concentrating on details, the other can be photographing special candid moments as they happen.

Photojournalism style of wedding photography

2. Photojournalism aka Journalistic or Candid

Photojournalism style of wedding photography is when the pictures are candid.  The photographer captures moments as they happen and typically does their best to blend into the background.  I use this style during the wedding ceremony and most of the reception.  If you’re looking for pictures of grandma crying and the flower girl tearing up the dance floor, photojournalism is for you.

Additional questions to ask: Do you do any posed pictures like traditional family pictures?  Do you offer guidance on the wedding day by telling us where to look or how to stand or are all of your pictures completely candid?  Will you photograph the details such as my dress, décor and rings?

Things to consider: Parents and Grandparents typically want at least 1 posed picture of the couple and the family.

Traditional style of wedding photography3. Traditional aka Posed or Classic

Traditional wedding photography is similar to what you see in your parents’ wedding album.  Pictures are posed and classic.  While this style can feel a little old school, there is a time and place for it.  I use this style for family portraits.  Family portraits after the wedding ceremony can drag on and cut into the fun cocktail hour.  By keeping family portraits simple and traditional, it’s an easy and efficient way to take a large number of group pictures quickly.  Then your guests can get the party started while you either join them or take pictures with your new spouse.

Additional questions to ask: Can we meet in person before the wedding?  Can we add or subtract from your typical shot list?

Things to consider: Traditional wedding photography is what most of your older family members will expect.  If you’re looking for more creative pictures, make sure you discuss this with the photographer before you hire them.  Also, if your photographer is going to be posing you throughout the entire day, it’s especially important to make sure you feel comfortable around them.

I hope this helps you feel more confident when chatting with wedding photographers.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

 Just {CLICK HERE} to send me an email.


Rancho Camulos Wedding ~ Cheryl and Sara

Rancho Camulos is a wedding photographer’s dream.

There are so many amazing spaces and details to work with and the staff allows you to really embrace everything the venue has to offer.  Cheryl and Sara’s wedding was filled with romantic details that complimented the rustic ranch perfectly.

Rancho Camulos Wedding PhotographyRancho Camulos Wedding Photography

I could not get enough of Cheryl and Sara’s bouquets!  They matched each other’s personalities.  The wooden blocks have their parents’ wedding pictures on them.Rancho Camulos Wedding PhotographyRancho Camulos Wedding Photography

Each bride put on her dress separately with the help of family and friends.Rancho Camulos Wedding PhotographyRancho Camulos Wedding PhotographyRancho Camulos Wedding PhotographyRancho Camulos Wedding PhotographyRancho Camulos Wedding PhotographyRancho Camulos Wedding Photography

Once Sara was ready, she went outside to see her dad.Rancho Camulos Wedding Photographer

Then it was time for the brides to see each other in their dresses for the first time!Rancho Camulos Wedding Photography

My second photographer, Jessica and I couldn’t help but giggle with happiness during Cheryl and Sara’s First Look.  They kept complimenting each other and their excitement was contagious.

“You look so pretty!”

“I love your hair!”

“I love your dress!”

I love YOUR dress!”

I seriously could have just spent the rest of the day in that moment.

Rancho Camulos Wedding PhotographyRancho Camulos Wedding Photography

Rancho Camulos Wedding Photography

As Cheryl and I were walking downstairs we turned around and saw Sara looking out a window.

We both gasped at her beauty.

Then of course we needed to take pictures by the window!

Rancho Camulos Wedding Photography

Cheryl’s parents had arrived so we set up a moment for Cheryl’s dad to see her in her wedding dress.Rancho Camulos Wedding Photography

After a little water break, it was time for the gorgeous wedding ceremony underneath a large tree filled with golden fall leaves.Ventura Same Sex WeddingVentura Same Sex WeddingVentura Same Sex WeddingVentura Same Sex WeddingVentura Same Sex WeddingVentura Same Sex WeddingVentura Same Sex Wedding

Rancho Camulos has an old winery on it’s property.

It’s normally fenced in for protection, but during weddings the security guard opens the gate for you to take pictures!Ventura Same Sex Wedding

Sara had a model moment with some vintage farming equipment as a tribute to her grandpa.Ranch Wedding in Ventura

Photographing Cheryl in the orange groves was the highlight of my 2014 wedding season.

I was basically jumping up and down out of excitement and Cheryl laughed and went along with it.  Seriously, how often do you get to photograph an incredible bride twirling around in a wedding dress at sunset in an orange grove?

It was perfection.Ranch Wedding in VenturaRanch Wedding in Ventura

After all that excitement, we still had their wedding reception to get to!Ranch Wedding in VenturaRanch Wedding in VenturaRanch Wedding in VenturaRanch Wedding in VenturaRanch Wedding in VenturaRanch Wedding in VenturaCheryl and Sara, I adore the two of you.  Congratulations on your beautiful wedding, marriage and new life together!

Venue: Rancho Camulos
Wedding Photography: Kimberly April Photography
Hair & Makeup: Janelle Lewis
Catering: Stonefire Grill
Cake: Hannah Edwards
Flowers: Wendy Meade & Melissa Ison

Lighting: Wendee’s Occasions
Music: DJ JA-O
Rentals: I See Party Rentals
Bartender: The Traveling Bartender

Orange County Wedding Photographer