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Everyone deserves a portrait

On December 10th, photographers from around the world found people in need and provided them with free portraits.  It’s an incredible event that really shows the importance of photographs and showing people that they are worthy of having their picture taken.  Last year, I helped at an event in Cleveland that included washing and cutting homeless people’s hair.  This year, I helped out in Orange County at The Orange County Rescue Mission.  There were a ton of happy volunteers and even more excited people in need who smiled for the camera and shared their stories of how they ended up where they are today.  One of the storys that really stood out to me, was from a young couple who are recovered herion addicts.  Their reason for getting clean?  Their adorable little girl.

It’s amazing what love for another human being can do.

To protect the privacy of our subjects, we’re not allowed to share the portraits we took.  However, thanks to Brian, of Photos By Tink, I can share some behind the scenes photos of me in action.

Setting up our lights with my new friends, Charlie, Dane and Mason.I don’t just ask my clients to smile, I lead by example.Enjoying the happiness of the day.

Everyone deserves to have a picture of themselves.  If you know a woman or girl who has done something exceptional lately, check out my Amazing Female Program.