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If Everybody Had an Ocean


Now that we live in Surf City, Derrick and I have decided to learn how to surf.  Derrick has been much more enthusiastic about it than I have.  I prefer to lay in the sun and then casually swim in the water when the sand gets too hot.  Well, Derrick finally has a surfing buddy that is as excited as he is.

My dad.

My dad retired after 31 years as a firefighter for the San Bernardino County Fire Department last March.  Now that he has all this extra time to do whatever he wants, he’s decided to turn my garage into a surf shack.  Derrick of course, is beyond excited.
Yesterday was their first surf outing together and it was so much fun photographing the day.  They started out waxing their surfboards.

Then after a quick change into their wetsuits, it was time to put the boards on the car.

I think my car looks cute with surfboards on it.

After a little stretching, it was time to get in the water!

I cheered from the sand while my two favorite men paddled into the ocean.  With my camera ready, I patiently waited for them to catch their first wave.

It seemed like they were getting the hang of it and they ALMOST stood up a few times!  Then this happened…

and this…

Which is about when I decided they might take a little longer than I expected.  So I put my camera away and joined them.  Lucky for me, no one was left on the sand to photograph me face planting into the water over and over again.  On a positive note, my face feels really smooth!

Anyone feel like trading surf lessons for portraits?