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Meet Stuart Lawson

I love how when you think about something long enough, everything seems to fall into place.  I’ve been looking for a local Graphic Designer for a while now, but was having problems finding one that fit with what I wanted and my budget.  One night I was hanging out with one of my Meetup groups and I noticed a beautiful Mac Computer on the hostess’ boyfriend’s desk.  I asked her what he did for a living and guess what?  He’s a graphic designer!  I chatted with him for a little bit later that evening and agreed to meet at Starbucks later that week.

Stuart was awesome to work with!  He asked me about my values and my ideal client.  When I mentioned nature and eco-consciousness, he asked me what flower I identified with.  I was surprised by the question but immediately knew the answer, the Anemone Flower.  A few hours later he had a beautiful logo designed (along with a few alternates) that represents me as an artist perfectly.  I love it!

A couple of weeks later I had the opportunity to show Stuart how I work by scheduling a Headshot Photo Shoot with him.  We headed down to Old Town Tustin on a quiet weekday morning.

I love the suit and tie he picked out!  It really brought out the blue in his eyes.

Remember ladies, he’s taken by a fabulous woman.

If you need any graphic design or small business consultation, contact Stuart at Irvine Graphic Design and tell him Kimberly sent you!