You’re in LOVE and ready to celebrate your commitment to your partner.

With all the excitement of planning a wedding, the last thing you should have to worry about is whether or not your wedding photographer is gay-friendly.  Love is love and you deserve just as much respect and excitement from your wedding vendors as any other couple, regardless of sexual orientation.

As someone who believes everyone has the right to be true to themselves, it broke my heart when one of my recent lesbian couples explained to me the awkwardness of trying to find a LGBT-friendly wedding photographer.  Shortly after speaking with them, I read an article on Offbeat Bride titled, “I am not a bride” and it made me realize that even though I blog about the gay couples I photograph just as I do the straight ones, couples shouldn’t have to go searching through my blog to figure out I’m LGBT-friendly.  This is why I have decided to dedicate a page to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered engaged couples.

Whether you’re planning a wedding full of beautiful details or a simple commitment ceremony on the beach, I would be happy to chat with you about your plans and you love for your partner.

LGBT Couples in Love