You’re ENGAGED and you couldn’t be more excited!!!

Gather your closest friends, because there’s a serious wedding magazine and Pinterest binge about to happen.

As you begin to plan your wedding, people will give you advice (some helpful, some not so much).  The one thing you’ll hear over and over again is, “The day goes by so fast!

One minute you’re taking deep breaths to calm the butterflies in your stomach, the next you’re in a hotel room with your husband filled with more love and happiness than you ever thought possible.  (Plus snacks.  After preparing to wear a wedding dress and being too excited to eat all day, you’ll definitely want snacks.)

The details you spent hours planning quickly become a blur behind the best part of the day, marrying your best friend.

Client ReviewLuckily, you found a friendly photographer who not only photographed those beautiful details, she also helped you feel confident by reminding you of how absolutely GORGEOUS you are.

Your hair, the makeup, the dress and your incredible smile all came together perfectly and you have the pictures to prove it, not only to your family who couldn’t be there, but to yourself.

That sounds amazing!  What should I do next?

Just send an email to:


We’ll check to make sure your date is still available and chat about why you are beyond excited to marry your fiancé!  I’ll also give you some tips on how to stay sane during the wedding planning process.

Client Review

Client Review

Client Review

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