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Behind the Scenes – Lia Skincare Photo Shoot

Lia Skin Care Teen Photo ShootLast weekend I had the fun privilege of photographing 5 teen girls for Lia Skincare in the city of Tustin.  I really have a passion for working with teens so when Anna, the owner of Lia Skincare, asked if I would help her on a project I was flattered.

Anna had some specific images in mind which required doing something I normally don’t do, photographing in a studio.  With the help of some great people we made it happen and thanks to my lovely assistant Jenni, I have some behind the scenes photos to show you too!

Lia Skin Care Teen Photo Shoot

We started out the day putting together the wardrobe for the girls.  Anna and I had talked about a color scheme before the photo shoot and both agreed that soft, neutral colors with a little pink would really compliment her brand.  Some of the girls’ moms hung out in the studio with us and did an awesome job helping our models with make-up and hair.

Lia Skin Care Teen Photo Shoot

Some of the dads hung out too :)

Lia Skin Care Teen Photo Shoot

Once the girls were ready, we set up our main group shot.  You can see me explaining to Annie how to pose.  You’ll also notice that in most of the pictures my mouth is open.

I talk a lot during photo shoots.

Lia Skin Care Teen Photo Shoot

I’m also pretty funny.

Lia Skin Care Teen Photo Shoot

Once we finished in the studio we headed outside for some fun, casual pictures.  Big thanks to Jenni for finding this awesome location behind the building and an even BIGGER thanks to the girls for smiling and pretending it wasn’t over 100 degrees outside.

Lia Skin Care Teen Photo Shoot

Lia Skin Care Teen Photo Shoot

The girls were cracking me up all morning.  My favorite part of photography is letting my clients’ personalities shine so anytime the girls wanted to dance or make a funny face I was all about it.

Like when two of the models did this:

Lia Skin Care Teen Photo ShootLia Skin Care Teen Photo Shoot

To celebrate the amazing job the models did, I’m kicking off 5 straight days of teen models on the blog.  Each girl will be featured in her own blog post with a few of the images she posed for.

If you would like your daughter to be able to have a photo shoot of her own, just send me an email or click, “Contact” at the top of the page.  I usually respond within 48 hours.


 Thank you to Amaria, Brittany, Katie, Samantha and Annie for all your hard work!